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Introducing fashion brand Femponiq

The “Introducing” is a series of interviews or stories of independent design-led brands that you have probably not heard of yet. It’s an introduction to the brand story so you can learn more about them. Here we share the story of  a fashion brand “Femponiq”.

Can you tell us the backstory of the brand? Why was it started and what is its mission?

FEMPONIQ is a sustainable woman-owned designer brand, whose goal is to empower women globally through unique and modern clothing to promote confidence in every woman.  We believe in the good mission behind powerful dressing, that is, to communicate authenticity and sophistication from the inside out through consciously produced clothing. We are a boutique brand that also aims to empower disadvantaged women and reduce the impact of poverty by supporting charities who are dedicated to this cause. We strongly believe that empowering women will positively transform individual lives, societies and future businesses. 

Who is the Femponiq customer?

FEMPONIQ is a fusion of three words: Feminine, Powerful, Unique, which simply describes the Femponiq Woman and the brand aesthetics. She is confident to find her ways in order to create a more joyful, meaningful life. Her closet immediately tells that she is an advocate for women’s rights and that she is not afraid to express her opinion and lean-in. She cherishes every moment of life and turns challenges into opportunities to live a successful and happy life.

How important is sustainability to you and your brand? 

FEMPONIQ lives and breathes sustainability from sourcing natural fabrics to the recycled e-commerce boxes that are delivered to the client’s doors. Every step of this cycle is designed to protect our environment and to create a long-lasting joy of our high-quality garments. We would like to make women feel good with our clothing without harming our beautiful planet.

Our garments are meticulously designed, pattern cut in our London studio and crafted in our home countries in limited quantities, Turkey and the UK. This allows us to pay visits to our production partners for regular checkups at the production site to monitor eco-friendly material sourcing practices and ethical working conditions. Moreover, it prevents the unnecessary travelling of great distances over sea. 

On a personal level, I prioritise shopping groceries packaged in recycled materials (if possible no packaging), supporting slow-made environmentally conscious brands, donating to environmental charities, choosing clean-energy powered public transport where possible and much more..

Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

We are inspired by the art of innovation, contemporary art and architecture. Abstract shapes and colours play a significant role in all of our collections. We find inspiration in nature, art galleries, and museums our world has to offer; Tate Modern being one of our favourite inspirational hubs in our hometown of London. 

Most importantly, what consistently inspires us is the educated, ambitious, and conscious women. It is exciting to create unique and tailored pieces that women can feel confident in. We would like to empower women through our clothing and encourage them to carry the message we are trying to express.

Can you tell us the story behind your latest collection?

Our recent trip to Los Angeles inspired our latest capsule collection with its bright colours and vivid ambience. There is this refined balance between natural sensations and the empowering atmosphere of California. During a private trip to Santa Monica Pier, we fell in love with its prevailing summer tones including burnt orange and sunset golden yellow, combined with tropicals apple green and purple orchid, all against the backdrop of navy-blue water and white – recalling clear skies and the peaceful state of mind they evoke. 

Our takeaway for S/S 22 is to leave insecurities behind and reconcile with your inner strength. To be as playful as the popping-green cacti that characterise the warmest summers as pure fun and enjoyment. All unique, unparalleled designs are underpinned by a clear vision of empowerment. Part of that message is to respect nature: we crafted this collection only from natural fabrics including cotton, linen blends and dead stock crepe fabrics to ensure that look-good-feel-good vibe. 

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