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Our core values as a brand are captured in the name of the label: Femponiq is about embodying your feminine, powerful, and unique side through dress. We dedicate this small blog trilogy to explaining the meaning of these three words, the words that you are “wearing” in your   everyday life.     


Femponiq Draped Sleeve Satin Dress in Royal Blue

 In the age of      progressive gender  expression and  reformation, the word   “feminine” needs a new    approach. Our  interpretation is as  much about feminism –   empowerment and   protecting women’s   rightful honour, as it is about embracing  femininity, the latter   being as inclusive as   you like. Luckily, the   modern world identifies   the feminine nature   with a wide variety of  characteristics. A “true   woman” can be soft,   altruistic, and kind, but   equally courageous, bold and assertive.

At Femponiq, we believe in the richness of womanhood, in the incredible capabilities of different types of women to create, to build, collaborate, and to care for one another and herself. We stand by her attainment to be comfortable with who she truly is, in acceptance of her different traits in different environments. We translate this form of confidence and self- awareness into colourful garments with playful shapes and next-level tailoring. 


What does it mean to be powerful?

Femponiq Puff Sleeve Cropped White Top

For us, it is a way to look at the world, underpinned by a clear vision of empowerment and the desire to empower others. The word “empower” originates from 1300s France, and literally means “into ability, strength or might”. So how does a woman get into this fierce feeling of strength, into the mighty mood of being ready for a challenge: by embracing her talents, goals, and purpose. With her north star in mind, she accepts the challenges on her path. By doing what she loves, learning from her mistakes, and touching other people's lives, she overcomes them. Because she understands that magic happens in collaboration. Also: that feeling good cannot be separated from taking care of people and the planet. Word empowerment has only been mainstreamed in literary works, since the late 80s.

The word that is now dominating our everyday culture, is nearly a millennial. Basically, the word itself needs some empowerment, and that is why we are here to translate it into unparalleled fashion collections. Strong shoulders, bold colours and clear cuts that flatter the exquisite parts of the female body all address the layered elements of power. Powerful is the woman who dares to be strong and to express it by the way she dresses. Our garments are made with some female warrior in mind. She takes a stance and uses her voice, amplified by power dressing. 


Puff Sleeved Crepe Jumpsuit in Fuchsia
Uniqueness – in people, in stories, in behaviour, has been considered a virtue since humankind exists. The genius, homo universalis, mastermind, virtuoso, and the polymath, are admired as they stand out and outperform others. At Femponiq, we believe uniqueness is a lot simpler and has everything to do with authenticity. For us, unique women know who they are and what they stand for. They don’t step back when they see injustice, they protect what they believe in, and they see and help others to do the same. The Femponiq way of being unique is uplifting women, every single day.

We believe in the good mission behind powerful dressing, that is, to communicate authenticity and sophistication from the inside out through consciously produced clothing. 

All our authentic pieces are one-of-a-kinds, designed in London. With a conscious vision in mind, we produce in small quantities of maximum 20- 25 pieces. Because we believe authenticity goes hand in hand with respect and learning from the ones before us, our fabrics and shapes are inspired by Savile Row. 

There is freedom in being who you truly are. By wearing Femponiq, you radiate from the inside out, with nothing to hide, and so much to give.

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