FEMPONIQ  is a contemporary womenswear brand which gives a new meaning to power dressing while staying true to her desire of empowering women. With her sophisticated and feminine style choices, Femponiq represents an effortless way of confident dressing within high-quality and timeless collections.

Sleek trousers, structured skirts, feminine dresses, blazers with sharp collars and tops with voluminous sleeves are her best possible modern way of power dressing. Exclusive natural fabrics, innovative cuts, high quality seam finishes and bold silhouettes with distinctive colours are few examples that describe her character.

Every piece is meticulously designed and pattern cut in our London studio and crafted in our home countries in limited quantities, Turkey and the UK. 

FEMPONIQ is a fusion of three words: Feminine, Powerful, Unique, which simply describes the Femponiq Woman and the brand aesthetics. She is confident to find her ways in order to create a more joyful, meaningful life. Her closet immediately tells that she is an advocate for women’s rights and that she is not afraid to express her opinion and lean-in. She cherishes every moment of life and turns challenges into opportunities to live a successful and happy life.

FEMPONIQ designs will continue to support Femmes to express themselves with Powerful colours and Unique styles...

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