It seems that modern-day brands need two things to survive: they need to empower, and they need to be sustainable for people and the planet. Both were cornerstones in the development of Femponiq and we would like to share our journey and concerns with our loyal tribe of conscious, fashion-oriented women.

 We at Femponiq believe in the good mission behind powerful dressing that is, to communicate authenticity and sophistication from the inside out through consciously produced clothing. Our woman is everything the brand name entails: feminine, powerful, unique. But feeling good cannot be separated from securing a healthy planet with happy people. That is why we embrace ecofeminism – an ideology that connects environmentalism and feminism – as the core of our business. We believe in the power of ethical fashion and power dressing with an eye on women’s rights, to uplift women in their everyday life. 

 Fashion is stuck in an unsustainable, linear approach that takes-makes-wastes resources from the planet, leaving her in an unhealthy condition. The fashion industry is currently worth 2,4 trillion per year and speed is its fuel. As a result, 100 to 150 billon kilograms  of clothes are produced annually, of which only a small percentage gets recycled. The rest end up in the oven or in landfills. As a result of all the pollution and waste, enormous environmental issues staple. Deforestation, dry soil, plastic oceans, and blue waters are only a fraction of the bigger problem. To achieve the Paris Agreement 2050 goal – to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C – we must act now. 

 Femponiq is both eco and feminism, without concessions. Our fabrics are natural – and never fur or leather, our e-commerce boxes recycled, our worker’s wages fair. We produce in small boutique quantities and everything is done locally. The beauty of small runs and timelessness as a red thread through our collections, is that it works towards a holistic sustainable fashion model: it allows our designers to spend more time to find sustainable textiles and manufacturing methods to work with, leading to premium quality products that our customers buy to keep and cherish for a long time. 

 We made the conscious choice not to have our garments made in the far east, but in United Kingdom (London) and Türkiye (Istanbul) – respectively our main market and country of origin. This allows us to pay visits to our production partners for regular checkups at the production site to monitor eco-friendly material sourcing practices and ethical working conditions. Moreover, it prevents the unnecessary traveling of great distances over sea. 

 Last September (2021), we have launched a vegan collection made with silk alternative Cupro – a regenerated cellulose fabric made from cotton waste. We have some 100% variants and some blends of the innovative material with viscose into an OEKO-Tex Certified Vegan Fabric. Altogether it makes a feminine collection with unique pleats, bows, soft but vibrant colours such as lavender, olive green and mauve, beautifully finished with French seams.

Our planet and its female creatures have so much in common. They are both creators of life, strong, wise, respected through generations, social, innovative, creative, and above all indispensable. Ecofeminism is our driver, and we are extremely proud to have you on board with our philosophy. Let’s slow down and make conscious choices for better fashion and stronger women. Join Femponiq today.

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