The clocks have been turned forward to welcome spring, officially. Leaving a difficult two-year pandemic period behind us, we are so ready to move into an era of rebirth and newness. It’s the perfect time to celebrate a brand new Femponiq Spring- Summer 2022 capsule collection, inspired by LA’s bright colours and vivid ambience. Get ready for power dressing at its best.

Imagine, a walk on the beach after a busy day. You’re leaving the thoughts about that new client or challenging work task behind. Laptop remains closed at your desk. You did it again, and now it’s time to heal. You feel the afterglow of purpose that you brought into your day, that strong feeling of satisfaction. It surrounds you, blending in with the typical fresh smell and soothing sound of the ocean. The sun goes down, young kids are playing the guitar, you take a deep breath in, and out. Summer is on its way straight into the heart of LA’s community and you can feel it. You recognise two co-workers waving at you from a distance. Time for a drink to celebrate all the goodness that is coming up, soon.

LA was a huge inspiration for our ’22 collection. There is this refined balance between natural sensations and the empowering atmosphere of California’s hard-working women. During a private trip to Santa Monica Pier, we fell in love with its prevailing summer tones including burnt orange and sunset golden yellow, combined with tropicals apple green and purple orchid, all against the backdrop of navy-blue water and white – recalling clear skies and the peaceful state of mind they evoke. 

We also used Pantone’s Spring Summer 22 colours: hues of spring that embrace playfulness and the spontaneity of a new season. They come alive in the campaign shots taken in the streets of Beverly Hills, city of pop and movie stars, but also the avant-scène of the mesmerising Santa Monica Mountains. We fell in love with a city of infinite possibilities, LA has it all.

Dark purple – historically associated with efforts to achieve gender equality, is included as a conscious reference to inclusion. Because for us at Femponiq, power dressing relates to taking a stance and using your voice to incite rightfulness. 

Doing great business goes hand in hand with great tailoring. That is why focused on clear lines and cuts using traditional handcraft tailoring techniques such as the pin tuck stitch. Power dressing means choosing fit first and to be aware of the right shapes to flatter your body. We tweaked our designs in the details, combining classic Savile Row inspired suit features and the modern way of sophisticated dress. Think bell bottoms, high waists, asymmetrical lines, sharp wide peak collars, accentuated shoulders with an 80s kind of volume, and full-on power colours. All unique, unparalleled designs underpinned by a clear vision of empowerment. Part of that message is to respect nature: we used only natural fabric including cotton, a linen blend, and dead stock crepe fabrics to ensure that look-good-feel-good vibe. 

Our takeaway for S/S 22 is to leave insecurities behind and reconcile with your inner strength. To be as playful as the popping- green cacti that characterise the warmest summers as pure fun and enjoyment. Also: to listen in and make conscious decisions based on good, authentic intentions. A friendly, courageous heart makes great business decisions, great allies, and the most creative ideas for growth and prosperity. Browse through our blast of colour and say yes to a new era of opportunities, dressed accurately in your new Femponiq power suit.

                      Femponiq Green Cotton Suit

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