Femponiq only produces small runs of each collection in a bid to act against fast fashion. It allows our designer to spend more time researching and sourcing sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. We make timeless clothes that are made to last therefore we frequently visit the production partners to ensure that the process is always ethical and garments are in highest quality. Majority of our garments are made in London’s high-end fashion ateliers who run small production lines with a strong focus on sustainability. Our motto is to deliver quality over quantity.

Femponiq live and breathe sustainability from sourcing natural fabrics to the recycled e-commerce boxes that are delivered to your doors. Every step of this cycle is designed to protect our environment and to create a long lasting joy of our high quality garments. 

We don’t use fur, leather, skins or silk. We want everyone working in the garment industry to be paid a fair wage they can live on and make the most from their remarkable skills. We believe that from maker to the wearer everyone should enjoy fashion equally. We would like to make women feel good by our clothing without harming our beautiful planet. Enjoy shopping with a clear conscience, wear and be the change you want to see in our irreplaceable world. 

Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset